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♡Custom Cases♡

 CUSTOM ORDERS OPEN FROM 11/26/19 - 12/02/18

I can make custom cases for most devices!


How to order your custom case: 

1. Choose your device. Select your device in the custom case listing below. Phone models that are listed are cases that I currently have on hand. If you have a phone model not listed, please MESSAGE ME FIRST to see if I can order your case in. If I approve your request, select "other" and list your phone model so I can order your case in! It should reach me in 1-3 weeks from purchase!

2. Don't forget the details and add ons/upgrades. If you already have an idea in mind for your custom case, great! Head to the "Add ons" and "Upgrades" listings to add any special pieces to your case such as a custom resin heart or rhinestones on the sides of your case! Let me know all the details you'd like such as specific cabochons and color choices. 

All cases come with white whip and blank sides. Upgrades need to be purchased for multi colored whip and side rhinestones/drip/etc. If you need to send me images, please send them to my email, or through Instagram. NO FANART , unless you have permission from the artist to use it. 

3. Wait for layouts and approve your design. After placing your order, I will begin as soon as possible. In about 1-2 weeks, depending on volume of orders at the time, I will send you 3 different layouts for approval via your method of communication. Your case will then be whipped and completed, ready to be shipped out  shortly after approval. Approvals need to be made within 3 days, if I have not heard from you after those 3 days, I will decide on a layout for you.


4. Contact me if you need help or have questions! If you would like me to special order any figurines or pieces for your case, need assistance, or have any questions about what I can do for your custom case , head to the "Contact" section in the navigation bar above and I would be happy to help! Please contact me here, or through Instagram direct messaging!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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